EA Series

EA Series: Efficiency meets accuracy

  • Energy efficient. Features the FP120V and FP80V energy-saving power supplies to reduce electrical consumption by 20 percent
  • Promotes savings. V-series power supply reduces electrode wear by as much as 50 percent when machining tungsten carbide
  • Easy to use. M700 series control with 15-inch touchscreen offers easier user interface
  • Wide-ranging options. Other EA models offer user-friendly control and large-capacity EDM machining capabilities
EA Series

Gantry Eagle Series: High-speed, stable machining

  • Highly rigid machining. Unique construction provides thermal stability and rigidity
  • Easy access. Features a four-sided drop tank design for work-area access from all sides
  • Faster processing. Dual 32-bit, PC-based CNC control enables faster data processing and servo control
  • Longer electrode life. Eagle PowerTec power supply features the world's first Adaptive Current-Shape generator for drastically reduced electrode wear and reduced burn times by up to 50 percent—especially in graphite