MV Series

MV Series: Most popular Wire EDM

  • Reduce operating cost. Up to 40% reduction in wire consumption. Optimize your efficiency now.
  • Natural user interface. 19 inch screen with every function one touch away. See one for yourself now.
  • Better Wire EDM performance. Reduce machining time by 6%. Accuracy within 1 μm. See the difference.
MX Series

MX Series: Ultra-high accuracy oil wire cut EDM

  • Great surface finish. Unique oil-dedicated nPV Power Supply (Nano Pulse) control improves surface finish based on low-voltage, short-pulse machining conditions
  • Ultra-fine auto wire threading. Ideal for today’s growing micromachining applications (.0008" ~ .001")
  • Thermal insulation. The table is mounted to a granite base which electrically isolates the workpiece reducing the floating capacitance – providing improved cutting speed and ultrafine surface finishes