MV Series

MV Series: Revolutionary EDM drive technology

  • Revolutionary drive technology. New, non-contact cylindrical drive system provides smooth, friction-free motion without cogging inherent in other linear motor designs
  • Maintain accuracy in any environment. Larger air gap between the shaft and forcer minimizes heat output and the effect of metallic shop dust on the system.
  • Faster performance. All-fiber-optic drive system with four times the communication speed for improved reaction time and NANO-level accuracy
  • Solid construction. X and Y axis-ways and drives are directly mounted to a one-piece, T-shaped base casting, providing the most rigid and thermally stable platform
MX Series

MX Series: Ultra-high accuracy oil wire cut EDM

  • Great surface finish. Unique oil-dedicated nPV Power Supply (Nano Pulse) control improves surface finish based on low-voltage, short-pulse machining conditions
  • Ultra-fine auto wire threading. Ideal for today’s growing micromachining applications (.0008" ~ .001")
  • Thermal insulation. The table is mounted to a granite base which electrically isolates the workpiece reducing the floating capacitance – providing improved cutting speed and ultrafine surface finishes