MC Machinery Featured in Cutting Tool Engineering Magazine

MC Machinery is a proud contributor in this month’s cover story of Cutting Tool Engineering magazine. The story highlighted wire EDMing, an innovative machining process well-suited for “lights out” manufacturing and boosting available machine time.

Offering critical insight regarding wire EDMing, MC’s contribution helped readers understand the ingenuity of this process, how it moves the metalworking and machining world forward, and how to effectively incorporate it. MC suggests to not only invest in emerging machine tool and control features like EDM wire operation, but also internal processes and the capabilities needed to support them.

As discussed in the article, wire EDMing is a precise, reliable process that is changing how job shops function for the better. Mike Bystrek, EDM applications and national wire EDM product manager here at MC, believes wire EDM is becoming more mainstream as automated processes offer obvious benefits, like improved efficiency and reduced operator intervention. MC’s MV2400-ST Advance Type wire EDM serves as a prime example of the state-of-the-art technology that Bystrek admires.

“The new control platform enables us to offer a pedestal option, providing easy mobility and access to any position near the machine for flexibility in automation layouts or safety purposes,” he said. “It also offers enhanced setup and maintenance functions that greatly reduced downtime, as well as remote management features for unattended machining.”

The leap to a “lights out” system of operating has never been easier with the available wide range of high-quality machining tools and options. EDM technology has made impressive strides within the last couple of years, but as Bystrek noted, shops looking to include this technology would do well to take a holistic approach and consider how outside factors may improve EDM machining capabilities.

“Shops should look for a machine tool partner that’s able to support them with knowledge and advice that will help them develop sound machining processes and the equipment needed to execute these processes,” Bystrek said.