MC Machinery featured in Fabricating & Metalworking magazine

Fab & Metalworking Feature

The difference in skill between an experienced EDM operator and an inexperienced one can be wide. In fact, EDM work has traditionally been only for very skilled operators, but in today’s machine shops, people must learn to run many different machines, resulting in less specialized EDM operators.

In a recent article featured in Fabricating & Metalworking, Mike Bystrek, national wire EDM product manager and application manager, and Pat Crownhart, national sinker EDM product manager for MC Machinery, discuss how EDM technology is tapping into everything from AI to remote control.

In their article, “How EDM Technology is Adapting to the Reality of the Modern Workforce,” Mike and Pat provide multiple examples of how sinker and wire machine builders are helping to bridge the skills gap between the dedicated and highly skilled EDM operator and the modern jack of all trades of today’s workforce.

To read the full article from Fabricating & Metalworking and learn more about the ways EDM work is evolving, click here.