MC Machinery’s Oil Wire EDM Helps Company Develop World’s Smallest Components

MTD Micro Molding, a micro-molding medical component manufacturer and the first company in North America to own an MC Machinery MX600 oil wire EDM, has been featured in MoldMaking Technology. The story highlights how the purchase of the MX600 EDM machine allowed the shop to work with small component sizes and increase productivity.

What makes the MX600 oil wire EDM stand out is the use of oil as opposed to water. Oil allows the discharge gap to be much smaller than water, making it possible to achieve much smaller over-burns inside corners and provides a superior surface finish. Another benefit of the machine is the virtually zero recast on carbide after machining, and that it doesn’t corrode the material when left sitting in oil.

“We take on the challenging micro-molding projects that are seemingly impossible to complete in the industry,” says MTD Marketing Manager Lindsay Mann. “In order to improve our process and ensure success, we need the right machinery and latest technology, such as the high-precision Mitsubishi MX600 oil wire EDM.”

The MX600 has been in the facility since April 2018 and MC Machinery’s remote360 monitoring solution is also implemented into the machine, helping the company stay on top of production and quote jobs more accurately.

To discover how much faster MTD is now able to get components out to its customers, please read the full story by following this link.