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Mingo Manufacturing invests in wire EDM machine

MC Machinery Systems is proud to announce Mingo Manufacturing in Owasso, Oklahoma recently purchased a Mitsubishi MV2400-R  EDM machine. The downhole tool and surface pump application manufacturing company purchased the wire EDM machine to streamline its internal processes.

“We were outsourcing a lot of EDM work,” says Chris Smith, Sales Director. “At first we did not feel justified to purchase a machine of our own due to volume. But, due to new business opportunities, we reached the volume capacity to purchase our own machine.”

The MV2400-R advance plus series features auto-threading, internal machine communications, and power supply technology to create an easier user interface. The series uses new M700 controls situated on a 15-inch touchscreen. The system, with a power master control, improves poor flush machining up to 50 percent, features an all-axes absolute control system, linear glass scale feedback, optical rotary encoder feedback, and an inverter controlled 16-step programmable flushing.

The machine comes complete with a full two-year warranty with Mitsubishi’s Triple Diamond Partnership Program.

Mingo Manufacturing hopes to increase its profit margin, thanks to less product outsourcing and increased revenue due to the new product capabilities as a result of the company’s investment.

“After a lot of research, we decided to go with Mitsubishi EDM for this investment. We couldn’t be happier with the results,” says Smith.

Mingo Manufacturing expects to better serve its current customers while adding additional opportunities for customers. The company hopes to expand its customer base, stepping out of the traditional oil and gas industry as a result of its newest investment.