Minimize downtime and maximize productivity with preventative maintenance

Preventative Maintenance Program is a comprehensive plan designed to keep your Mitsubishi EDM and RokuRoku equipment running at peak performance while reducing overall maintenance and service costs. Eric Metcalfe, President of RPM Carbide Die (Arcadia, Ohio) says, “In today’s fast-paced world, we can’t afford NOT to have Preventative Maintenance contracts on our equipment.”

As a high-end specialty tool and die shop serving the automotive, aerospace, medical, and metal container industries, Metcalfe explains how critical it is that his equipment is operating at peak efficiencies. “Because we’re such a versatile shop, we never know what job and production demands are about to come through our door. We need to be prepared to handle anything.”

Unexpected machine downtime, he says, doesn’t fit into that equation. For this reason, he has Preventative Maintenance contracts on all of his equipment. Mitsubishi’s Preventative Maintenance Program helps minimize unexpected downtime by scheduled maintenance and service visits. Scheduling machine maintenance allows for smoother workflow planning and helps companies maximize productivity.

Plans can be customized to suit any company’s needs, including annual, bi-annual, or quarterly visits. Metcalfe currently has a Triple Diamond contract on his wire equipment, with two preventative service visits per year. “On the other hand, with our Roku-Roku machine, it makes more sense for us to schedule maintenance when it’s most convenient for us and our production demands,” he explains.

Even though RPM Carbide Die has been a Mitsubishi customer since 1981, Metcalfe didn’t realize the value of a preventative maintenance plan until 2003. “We had a service guy in our shop who pointed out a few areas on our wire machine that could use some attention. It wasn’t a major stop-production kind of problem; it was the combination of a few minor things that had gradually started affecting our production time.

“As a result of this service, we were experiencing a 15-20 percent increase in cutting speed. This really opened my eyes to the benefit of Preventative Maintenance,” recalls Metcalfe. This type of improvement in speed and productivity fully justifies the cost of a Preventative Maintenance program.

“We have been a Mitsubishi customer for a long time. Our initial decision to purchase Mitsubishi equipment was based on machine performance. Their service and support have kept us loyal ever since.” He adds, “Mitsubishi sets the bar for customer service and support. I compare other equipment manufacturers to Mitsubishi when we’re purchasing other types of equipment. That level of support is hard to come by these days.”