New EDM Hybrid Wire Taps into the Power of Liquid

Water is everything in wire EDM machining. It carries away contaminants, keeping machines operating at peak efficiency; water transfers the charge from the electrode to the part, effectively performing the cut; and the water cools the electrode, allowing it to carry a consistent charge and reducing the chances of breakage.

We’ve designed a hybrid wire that takes full advantage of H2O in each of these situations during the machining process. Our ZT Hybrid Wire features a baked-on zinc layer that is far superior to coated and brass wires. Not only does the outer layer adhere better to its brass core than other coatings, but the intricate texture of the outer layer gives water the chance to work its magic.

Here are a few ways this wire works hand-in-hand with water to improve EDM processes.

Reducing the chances of breakage…Grooves in the zinc layer get the water closer to the brass core. This expedites the cooling of the wire and decreases the chances of downtime caused by wire breakage.

Cleaner water, cleaner machine …The baked-on zinc layer gives this hybrid wire superior resistance to in-process flaking. The resulting cleaner water allows the machine to properly flush, keeping its components clean and operating properly. In the short term, this reduces maintenance and monitoring time. In the long term, the life of the machine tool can be extended.

Faster, finer parts … The extra space the wire’s outer texture makes room for more water than usual to be involved in the cut. Since the water is the medium actually carrying the charge from the wire to the part, the extra and more consistent spark energy allows for a faster (on average 30% faster than conventional brass wire) and more precise cut with finer finishes.


The ZT Hybrid Wire is available in both hard and soft versions, P2 through P15 and K125 through K250 size spools. It’s also backed by MC Machinery’s Consumable Products Groups no-hassle replacement guarantee. To see specs and learn about our other industry-leading consumables, visit our Consumable Products Group page.