Case Study: New CO2 Laser with Automation Tower Creates One-Stop Shop

New CO2 Laser with Automation Tower Creates One-Stop Shop for Diverse Customer Base

Accord Manufacturing

Jackson, Wis.

Accord Manufacturing, a metal engineering and fabrication company located outside Milwaukee, Wis., recently completed the installation of a new MC Machinery CO2 laser machine with an integrated material handling system. Because the company acquired customers in new markets with diverse metal geometry needs, it sought out a laser and automation system with high performance and efficiency.

Accord purchased an MC Machinery eX Plus CO2 laser, which includes an FMS eight-shelf automation tower with two unload carts.

The system enables “lights-out operation” and more efficient load/unload capabilities, said Accord Manufacturing President Paul Kuber.

“This investment enables us to fabricate parts like we have never been able to before,” said Kuber. “We can now offer companies prototyping through high-volume production. “

The addition of the CO2 laser machine center has already led to additional work from existing customers, including prototyping. It also allowed Accord to expand stamping capabilities and capacities, which saves on tooling expenses, time, and materials.

“We have projects currently running for over 20 customers, ranging from relatively simple geometries to more complex components used in the assembly of performance-based products,” said Accord Sales Manager Brian Dillaber. “The system’s software programming capabilities increase efficiency. Depending on component design, we can nest parts and create paths to increase raw material utilization, saving both money and time.”

Operators and set-up technicians attended several days of best-practices training at the MC Machinery facility in Chicago, followed by on-site sessions at Accord.

“We remained in production during Covid-19 to support our customers in a number and variety of critical applications markets,” Kuber said. “End-use products include items such as generators, furnishings, residential and commercial water flow equipment, pressure washers, loading docks, large industrial fans, mounts for skid steers, brackets for the rail industry, food dispensing components and off-road transportation.”

Kuber said the investment strengthens Accord’s position as an integrated source for everything from developmental prototype parts to high-volume production runs, with value-added operations like welding, sub-assemblies, and finishing.