EA8S Advance Sinker EDM

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The Mitsubishi EA12S Advance represents over 50 years of continuous innovation in sinker EDM technology from one of the most well-recognized industrial machining brands in the world. Sporting a slightly larger footprint that enables greater axis mobility and increased functionality, the EA12S Advance is a compact sinker EDM designed to support various micro-fine machining needs in a productive, cost-efficient way—all while being easy to operate.


Highly durable components keep maintenance costs in their place while meeting project requirements.


On-board automation, easy-access part design, and useful user interfaces make this machine easy to set up and run.


Designed to help you stay productive and profitable with components engineered to lower resource and energy consumption.

The M800 series CNC control is available on these machines, with more on the way soon!


  • MV1200-S Advance
  • MV1200-R Advance
  • MV2400-S Advance
  • MV2400-R Advance
  • MV2400-ST Advance
  • MV4800-S Advance

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