EA28V Advance Sinker EDM

A heavy-duty sinker EDM for large parts, molds and special applications.

The entry point in our EA-V series of medium-size sinker EDM machines, the EA28V Advance allows for the high-speed machining of tungsten carbide with copper tungsten electrodes. But this machine can deliver much more than precision performance.

The EA28V also comes equipped with internal components and processes designed to give you the highest return possible on your machine investment—through lower energy usage, increased productivity due to minimal downtime, less material consumption, and more.


  • Highly durable components keep maintenance costs in their place while meeting project requirements.


  • The addition of tungsten carbine machining on top of standard sinker EDM capabilities makes the EA28V a smart, versatile investment.


  • Managing your profit margins is now easier than ever, thanks to the suite of cost-saving innovations that come as stock on the EA28V.


  • FP120V energy-saving power supply reduces electrical consumption by 20% compared to previous models
  • This standard V-series power supply also helps reduce electrode wear by as much as 50% when machining tungsten carbide, leading to longer tool life and less time and money spent on maintenance
  • SS Jump 5 system grants users greater acceleration control to stabilize high-speed no-flush burning
  • Can produce a variety of finishes, including:
    • Fine matte finishes with the PS circuit
    • Super-low wear with the SC circuit
  • Fuzzy Pro Plus enables greater hands-off operation for better usability


  • New high-speed “V” power supply (standard FP120V or optional FP80V)
  • Compact, highly rigid machine design
  • Fixed table traveling column construction
  • Thermal displacement compensation control
  • Direct drive AC smart servo system
  • 3D lateral servo system
  • All-axes linear glass scale feedback
  • 3-sided drop tank access
  • Easy-access dual-filter system
  • Dielectric fluid chiller standard
  • New high-inertia-style C axis
  • Multiport flushing manifold
  • 36-position multistep rise-and-fall worktank


  • Automatic lubrication system


  • M700 series CNC control with 15″ touchscreen
  • Standard USB and Ethernet data inputs


  • Windows XP-embedded operating system
  • 40GB hard drive with a 1GB partition for user program storage
  • S.P.E.R. Advance program support functions


  • Full 2-year warranty with Triple Diamond Partnership Program
  • remote360-enabled (remote user monitoring, diagnostics, service support, and more)
  • Comes with one complimentary preventative maintenance visit—to be used by the end of 1styear


Machine Travels: X x Y x Z in (mm) 25.6 x 17.7 x 13.8 (650 x 450 x 350)
Maximum Workpiece Size: W x D x H in (mm) 41.3 x 29.9 x 13.8 (1050 x 760 x 350)
Max Dielectric Fluid Level: in (mm) 15.7 (400)
Power Supply (Option) / Peak Current FP80V (80 Peak) FP120V (120 Peak)
Internal Worktank Dimensions W x D x H in (mm) 43.3 x 31.9 x 17.7 (1100 x 810 x 450)
Worktank / Door Type 3-Sided Drop Ttank
Max. Workpiece Weight: lb (kg) 4400 (2000)
Table Dimensions W x D: in (mm) 33.4 x 23.6 (850 x 600)
Max. Electrode Weight: lb (kg) 440 (200)
Table to Platen Distance Min ~ Max: in (mm) 16.7 ~ 30.5 (425 ~ 775)
Table to C-Axis Chuck Distance Min ~ Max: in (mm) 12.5 ~ 23.6 (317 ~ 667) EROWA ITS Chuck
Table to C-Axis Chuck Distance Min ~ Max: in (mm) 11.8 ~ 25.6 (300 ~ 650) 3R MACRO Chuck
Minimum Command Unit / Resolution: in (mm) .00001 / .000002 (.0001 / .00005)
Rapid Travel Speed: in/min. (mm/min.) 78.7 (2000)
High-Speed Jump Maximum: in/min. (m/min.) 393 (10)
Filters / Type 3 pc. / Paper Cartridge
Filter Tank Capacity: gal (L) 157 (595)
Machine System Dimensions W x D: in (mm) 86.4 x 98.9 (2195 x 2512)
Machine Installed Height: in (mm) 103 (2615)
Machine System Weight: lb (kg) 11,904 (5400)
C-Axis Min. Indexing Angle / Drive Unit .001º / .001º
C-Axis RPM Range 1 ~ 20
Fluid Temp. Control Chiller Standard
Optional Internal Spindle RPM Range 1 ~ 1500
Automatic Tool Changer Options MVH 20 / 40
Power Requirements [KVA] 200/220 VAC +/- 5% [16.5]
Compressed Air Requirements 2.7 cu.ft./min @ 90-100 psi