EAGLE V9C (5-AXIS with Coolant System)

A flexible, automation-ready, 5-axis machining solution for ultra-precision machining with a coolant system.

The Eagle V9C (5-axis) is an ultra-precision machining center with coolant system. This ultra-rigid 5-axis vertical machining center has the capacity to handle a 550-lb. workpiece on a 23.6-in. dia. table surface. The Heidenhain TNC-640 control unit is mounted on a moveable pedestal for optimal positioning convenience. Designed with a side opening in the casting, the V9C is automation ready to allow robot loading from the right side with pallets up to 19.7-in. square.

The Eagle V9C is a robust, powerful tool that allows you to deliver top-tier products quickly and cost-effectively. The Eagle V9C might just be the flexible, functional 5-axis milling machining system for you.

Other key features include:

  • Stable gantry/bridge-style design
  • Vibration-damping polymer concrete machine base
  • Large work envelope
  • Advanced thermal compensation on all axes
  • High-precision ball screws
  • Serviced by MC Machinery’s robust service network


  • Featuring durable, high-rigidity internal components that can take a beating, the Eagle V9C offers superior performance with minimum downtime so you can stay productive and profitable.


  • The Eagle V9C (Coolant Version) provides a large, easy-access work area in a small size that, combined with its powerful on-board CNC control, allows workers of any skill level to create top-quality results without requiring much floorspace.


  • The Eagle V9C might look a little different than our other machines (the blue and yellow color scheme is a bit of a giveaway), but our highly responsive service department still knows it inside and out. You can always count on us to help keep you up and running.


  • The Eagle V9C (Coolant Version) gantry-type 5-axis machining center is built and designed to be highly rigid and incredibly precise
  • To achieve high rigidity and fine finish, the Eagle V9C employs a U-shape polymer concrete base, with B-axis support and a high-quality rotary table C-axis
  • It is also equipped with a high horsepower, 26,000-RPM integrated spindle, heavy-duty, roller-type linear guideways, and a dual gantry drive (two ball screws and two linear glass scales) in both the X and Y axis
  • The Eagle V9C is capable of performing high-precision cuts with the X, Y, Z, B, and C-axis moving simultaneously
  • Inclined surface machining, spiral contour machining, irregular contour machining, and other complex cutting tasks can be made simple with the Eagle V9C
  • The Eagle V9C’s B-axis uses a zero-backlash gear drive while the C-rotary axis utilizes a direct drive motor, complemented with direct rotary encoders—this is superior to the conventional “worm gear” setup in drive transmission and power efficiencies
  • Travels: X, Y, and Z: 31.5” x 23.62” x 19.69”
  • Rapid Traverse: 1,181 in/min. (X, Y, and Z)
  • Acceleration: 49 ft/s² (1.5G)


  • Precision package 3 for 5-axis machines – Temperature-distribution compensation, including:
    • ATDC (Automatic Temperature Drift Control)
    • 5-axis compensation
    • Heidenhain option (kinematics optional)
    • Ceramic ball for kinematics accord
  • P3 185-gallon coolant system including machine preparation for water
    • Police Filter
    • Belt Paper Filtration
    • Scraper Chain Conveyour
    • Work Area Flushing
    • 580 PSI Thru Tool Coolant
    • Air Blow System spindle external (145 psi)
    • Integrated 4/5-axis system (without T-slot table)
    • HF spindle 40.2 HP, 26,000 RPM, HSK-A63, 48-pos ATC
    • Renishaw infrared measuring probe
    • Blum laser system for tool breakage detection and tool length/diameter compensation
    • Double gantry drive, both X and Y axis
    • Vibration-dampening polymer concrete machine bed
    • 3-point foundation setup/leveling
    • Ball screws with direct drive AC motors
    • Absolute measuring with glass scales (Air Purged)
    • Auto Lube System both drives and ways
    • Full lining with dust and liquid protection
    • Faceplate Prep for Workpiece Pallet System


  • 18,000 RPM, 47 HP HSK-A63 spindle (48-position ATC)
  • 36,000 RPM, 21.5 HP HSK-E50 spindle (72-position ATC)
  • 200 tool external storage and retrieval system
  • Tool cleaning station for use with blum laser tool measurement
  • P6 317-gallon coolant system with 1160 PSI thru tool coolant
  • ICS vario valve (variable thru tool coolant function)
  • Coolant Temperature Control
  • Table clamping and pallet systems from EROWA, Hirschmann and system 3R
  • ICS 2 ATS internal coolant supply with aerosol/dry lubrication


  • Heidenhain TNC-640 HSCi 5-axis simultaneous control including:
    • 15” TFT color flat-panel display with soft keys
    • HEROS real-time operating system for machine control
    • 5000 block look ahead
    • 5ms block processing speed (120,000 BPM)
    • Advanced programming cycles
    • Tool offset
    • Standard languages
    • Heidenhain 4/5-axis options
    • Hand wheel HR 410 super position


Machine Travels: X x Y x Z in (mm) 31.5 x 23.6 x 19.7 (800 x 600 x 500)
A-Axis Tilt Range degree (RPM) -60 ~ 140° (25)
C-Axis Rotation Range (RPM) 360° (100)
Rotary Table Faceplate: dia. (mm) 23.6 (600)
Max Workpiece Height: Faceplate/Pallet (mm) 21.6/19.7 (550/500)
Max Rotary Table Cap: lb (kg) 1,100 (500)
Spindle Speed 26,000 RPM
Spindle HP cont./30 min (kw) 26.8/40.2 HP (20.0/30.0 kw)
Spindle Nose to Table: in (mm) 2.75 ~22.4 (70 ~600)
Tool Changer Selection HSK-A63 (48 pos std)
X, Y, Z Rapid Speed: in/min (m/min) 1,181 (30)
Max Workpiece 3-Axis in/lb (mm/kg) 31.5 x 23.6 x 19.7 /4,400 (800 x 600 x 500 /2,000)
Machine Weight: lb. (kg) 25,353 (11,500)
Mach Dimensions W-D-H: in (mm) 85.7 x 120.6 x 112.2 (2,180 x 3,060 x 2,850)