Mitsubishi Electric and ASTES4 - LASORTING - now bring you a single integrated multifunctional system capable of controlling the entire production process from loading, cutting, sorting, and unloading through to the storage of the finished parts.

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Model Sheet Size: mm Sheet Thickness: mm Laser Technology Laser Output: kW All Specs and Images
LASORTING Light 3015/4020 0.5-10 Fiber/CrossFlow 2-8 View
LASORTING Sort 3015/4020 0.5-25 Fiber/CrossFlow 2-8 View
LASORTING Heavy 6530/8030 0.5-25 Fiber/CrossFlow 4-8 View



All loading, unloading and sorting processes are controlled by four cartesian grippers.


After the parts have been laser cut, the cartesian grippers independently pick out the assigned parts.


The parts are then sorted on pallets. The pallets can be stored in the warehouse, awaiting pick-up and shipment.

Scrap Removal

Scraps are then removed and placed in scrap removal forks or conveyors.



  • Variety of sorting options
  • Optional Labelling machine
  • Intelligent sorting, ready to be shipped
  • Simple graphic operation
  • Different sheet thicknesses can be sorted on multiple pallets
  • Several gripper options for all materials

ASTES4 - Floorplan / Layout ASTES4 - Floorplan / Layout ASTES4 - Floorplan / Layout

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