ATC Series

The ATC brings further production increase and reduction of set-up time to the BH Dual Drive series. The TC 32 was developed by reviewing tool-changing applications in the market and bringing to the market greater variation of solutions to support customer’s goal of improved efficiency. The perfect solution for high mix low volume work in today’s modern manufacturing environment.

ATC Series

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Number of tool storage
(Standard specification)
Punch 3 rack 4 cassette
Die 4 rack 5 cassette
Total 32m storage
Number of control axis 6 axis control
Storage 2 axis
Tool rotation 1 axis
Shuttle 3 axis
Tool layout length 20 mm ~ 3060 mm
Tool layout range -1530 mm ~ 1530 mm
Weight of the unit 5.5 ton
Power capacity 9 kVA


Large Tool Storage

Tool Storage & storage capacity – For tool storage customers now have options ranging from 32 meters (107.28’) up to 52 meters (170.60’) of tooling. Allowing the greatest variation of tooling storage ranging from high runner v openings or specialized tooling such as hemming or offset tooling.

Automated tool changing Improved

Fully automated tool setup/manipulator/tool cleaning – The TC will automatically change the tooling while the operator tends to other tasks further reducing the setup time to mere minutes. Due to the large single manipulator, larger tools are able to be picked and placed inside of tool setups to reduce setup time of similar tool staging. During the tool change process, the manipulator automatically cleans the bed surface and tooling removing an additional process seen in other TC applications.

User-Friendly operation

Create programs offline through Diamond Bend or at the control - Allowing the greatest amount of flexibility for operators programs can be created offline or at the press brake for the ATC. The operator can choose to use the ATC when using programs or if tools are not available in the TC will wait patiently for the next job to load tooling.

The machine becomes the teacher

Utilizing both the VIDERE operator support system and the ATC to automatically change the tooling it provides the ultimate solution for improved production and increased efficiency in the bending department. Supporting new operators or more seasoned brake operators with information in real-time in front of the operator while changing the tooling automatically is an unprecedented solution never offered to customers until today.


ATC Series - Floorplan / Layout

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