SmartFlex RAPID



The SmartFlex RAPID is versatile and expandable, with several high-production options that can transform and expand your laser for maximum throughput. An endless combination of configurations is available to create the perfect automation solution for your facility.

SmartFlex RAPID

Configurations include:

  • SmartFlex Rapid Base: Stationary stand with one material cart and one product cart; 11,000 lb capacity each.
  • SmartFlex Rapid: Accommodates up to four load/unload carts; 11,000 lb capacity each (total 44,000 lb).
  • SmartFlex Rapid Tower: Integrate an eight-shelf tower. Up to 20 shelves can be added to one tower for a total of 120,000 lb of material capacity.
  • SmartFlex Rapid Tower Dual: Maximize productivity with a two-laser FMS system, and up to six product carts (66,000 lb total capacity).
  • SmartFlex Rapid Tower Dual: Increase output by combining two different laser models on one automated system, and up to four product carts (44,000 lb total capacity).


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Model Maximum material size: ft Material thickness: in (mm) Product cart capacity: lb (kg) P7 Pallet changer: lb All Specs and Images
3015 (5x10) 5x10 (3050 x 1525) 1/32-1 (0.8-25.4) 11000 (5000)/ cart 4500 View
4020 (2mx4m) 6.7x13.2 (2060x 4050) 1/32-1 (0.8-25.4) 11000 (5000)/ cart 6000 View


  • Up to 2,200 lb capacity per pallet
  • Changes pallets in as little as 25 seconds
  • Heavy-duty work support structure
  • Optional integrated work-lifter system
  • NC-based pallet changer status screen
  • Completely modular and expandable
  • High-speed loading and unloading
  • Simultaneous load and unload system
  • Vacuum-load system with thickness detection and sheet separator features
  • Heavy-duty clamshell fork unload system with built-in sheet raking system
  • Aerial sheet positioning for high accuracy and positive sheet locating to the cutting table
  • Fully compatible with Ncell Laser Automation software
  • Complete load/unload cycle in approximately 65 seconds
  • 5x10 machine can load/unload sheet sizes of 4x4, 4x8, 4x10 and 5x10

Key tower features:

  • 2nd load station allows simultaneous preparation
  • Heavy-duty up to one-inch full size sheet load/unload capacity
  • High-capacity three ton (6,000 lb) per shelf
  • Up to 20 shelves for a total of 120,000 lbs of material capacity
SmartFlex RAPID - Floorplan / Layout SmartFlex RAPID - Floorplan / Layout SmartFlex RAPID - Floorplan / Layout

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