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EDM Consumables

EDM machines deserve OEM consumables

The EDM consumables you choose matter—and can make or break your productivity. Our EDM consumables are engineered and measured by high standards, specifically for our EDM machines:


  • Our EDM wire is manufactured to high standards of cleanliness, straightness, consistent diameter, high-tensile strength and comes in a range of diameters and spool sizes.
  • Flush cups are designed to maintain peak performance of EDM machines. Our flush cups match OEM specifications exactly—helping to minimize downtime.
  • Our filters and carbides feature an extended-life design, and are custom-made for individual EDM machines. Our filters feature a "dual-cage" media reinforcement system that prevents the filter material from collapsing.

Check out our CQRS (Consumable Quick Reference Sheet) documentation for a quick look at the most commonly used and recommended consumables for your EDM machine.

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