Heavy Duty - BV Series Milling Machine

Heavy-Duty (Box Way)

The BV Series features heavy-duty box-way construction in X, Y and Z axes. These hardened-way machines are designed for rigidity and heavy-duty cutting.  The machine structures are exclusively made to absorb and dampen cutting-induced vibrations.  In addition, the spindle headstock, column, saddle, base and table are all made of high quality Meehanite cast-iron.  The heavy-duty bely-driven spindle cartridge is capable of reaching speeds of 8,000 RPM.  The two-speed gear transmission multiplies the motor torque by 4X for full power utilization.  All gears are made from Chrome Moly Steel, heat treated and precisely ground to ensure smooth quiet operation.  Powered by MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC, the BV series uses the new M80A high-speed control with the world’s first CNC dedicated CPU providing 135,000 Block Per Minute processing capability in High-Speed, High-Accuracy Mode.  The 10.4” screen size improves visibility and includes pinch, flick and scroll abilities much like a smart phone or tablet.  Every machine goes through a rigorous testing sequence to ensure stability over the life of the machine tool. Enhanced ribs in major construction parts provide the rigidity and stability for heavy-duty, high-speed cutting. 


BV-1000AG ~ BV-2200BG

BV-1000AG ~ BV-2200BG

The BV Series has the ability to handle large tools and bigger parts.

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