CENIT for 3D Lasers

CENIT offline programming solutions cover the entire CAD/CAM and simulation components for 3D laser applications, for improved flexibility and functionality. Other benefits include improved data handling for shorter programming times, no data conversions due to V5 integration, and advanced functionalities for sophisticated contours.

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CENIT for 3D Lasers

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Offline programming system for advanced 3D Laser applications.



CAD Features and Automated Math Data Clean Up

  • 3D Solid and surface based design
  • Simple flat blank development using powerful sketching tools
  • Gaps / Overlappings in geometry are eliminated automatically
  • Automatic true arc interpolation regardless of math data quality

Cutting Fixture Design and Programming

  • Automatic creation of stanchions, base plate, tabs and interlockings with predefined fixture templates
  • Automatic labeling, weight relief patterns, pin-hole support
  • Automatic unfolding and nesting of base plate and stanchions into a given sheet size
  • Full association between 3D fixture and nested plates 

Programming and Simulation

  • Powerful algorithms to generate a smooth and collision-free tool path
  • Collision check with exact machine tool kinematics and dimensions, clamps and fixtures
  • Powerful Jogging, Teach and Optimize functions for complete control over machine motions
  • Fast programming and editing of macro geometries
  • Offline teach functions (local offsets to native trimline, transformations...)
  • Automatic or manual rewind operations according to machine tool travel limits
  • Automatic lead-in, lead-out, clearance operations; cutting conditions can be set automatically
  • True mirror function keeping all changes in the mirrored program



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