Diamond BH Series

The Diamond BH “Dual Drive” system controls high-speed up and down movement with a ball screw and bending movement by the servo-hydraulic piston. The Dual Drive System allows high-speed down-movement at 200 mm per second with high repeat-stop accuracy. In addition, the Dual Drive System offers energy savings thanks to an assist device that stores the energy of down movement and returns it during ram up movement. The ram floats on a gas cushion, thereby greatly diminishing the weight to return the ram to the top of the stroke.

Accuracy is key to the BH Series. Ram cylinders powered by AC servo motor piston pumps deliver positioning accuracy unparalleled in the industry. Combined with the accuracy (4 micron) of the back gauge driven by MITSUBISHI motors everytime part after part! With Automatic Thickness Detection, angular irregularities are minimized due to material thickness and off-center bending, the BH Series proves to be an amazing machine tool.

The BH Series appeals to operations requiring lightning-fast speed and high precision parts or customers looking to improve their efficiencies while reducing operating costs. For the quickest and most accurate brakes available, you can count on the BH Series hybrids. 

Diamond BH Series

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Model Press Force: kn (ton) Bending Length: mm (in) Table Length: mm (in) Distance Between Frames: mm (in) All Specs and Images
BH8525 833 (85) 2600 (102) 2700 (106) 2200 (87) View
BH13530 1323 (135) 3100 (122) 3200 (126) 2700 (106) View
BH18530 1813 (185) 3100 (122) 3200 (126) 2700 (106) View
BH18540 1813 (185) 4100 (161) 4200 (165) 3700 (146) View
BH25030 2450 (250) 3100 (122) 3200 (126) 2700 (106) View
BH25040 2450 (250) 4100 (161) 4200 (165) 3700 (146) View


• Superior Accuracy (±1 micron)
• Intelligent Intuitive Control
• Highly Reliable
• Cost Efficient
• World Class Productivity
• Innovative Dual Drive system



  • DUAL DRIVE Hybrid (Ram positioning by hybrid ball screw and hydraulic piston system)
  • 22-inch Multi-touch LCD display
  • High stable repeat accuracy (1-micron repeat accuracy) +0.001mm
  • High-Speed Dual Drive Hybrid drive (Fastest cycle time in its class)
  • Large stroke and open height
  • Patented automatic micro wedge crowning system
  • Automatic Thickness Detection – measure thickness on the fly
  • Standard 5 axis back gauge (optional 7 & 9 axis back gauges available)
  • LED lighting over back gauge and front work area standard
  • USB & Lan peripheral interfacing
  • Large program capacity (40gb)
  • Tool Library
  • Custom Multi-user & language interface
  • 3D Simulation
  • 2D/3D draw functionality
  • Pulse handle with axis control & bending support
  • 33.5” X-axis max gauge distance (4 micron back gauge repeat accuracy) +0.004mm
  • CNC control with Microsoft Windows
  • Interlocked rear access gate
  • UP & Down safety foot pedal system
  • Mitsubishi Servo Amplifiers and Motors
  • Extreme reliability and quality
  • One Touch European tool holders
  • Work efficiency analysis




  • Angle measurement
  • Sheet Followers (75 kg and 150 kg)
  • Sheet Supports
  • Moveable Foot Pedal
  • Tandem Foot Pedal
  • Laser finger guarding
  • Extra CNC back gauge fingers (up to 9 Axis)
  • Hydraulic clamping from WILA and Wilson
  • Back gauge touch sensors
  • Tooling packages from WILA, Wilson, Fab Supply
  • Interlocked side gates over the C frames
  • Euro/American segmented upper punch holders
  • Diamond Bend Offline Programming Software

Diamond BH Series - Floorplan / Layout

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