The SmartFlex COMPACT series provides flexible expandable automation into a compact footprint. This space-saving design comes in a number of configurations, making automation possible, even in facilities limited on space. Plus, today’s software capabilities and cycle times make even short-run job shop environments good candidates for automation.


Configurations include:

  • SmartFlex Compact: This compact system includes raw material pallet station, product pallet station, pallet changer and movement range of load/unload unit. Product pallet station is fed with skit by forklift.
  • SmartFlex Compact Warehouse 7: This configuration integrates a 4-, 8-, 12-,or 16-shelf material tower for true lights-outautomation.
  • SmartFlex Compact Warehouse 10: This linear, expanded automation unit allows for the addition of a second material tower for finished parts and up to three lasers to truly maximize production and throughput.
  • SmartFlex River Compact: Combine the River Navigation's material-handling and inventory-tracking benefits with the compact footprint of our FSC automation system.


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Model 3015 (5x10)
Maximum material size: ft 5x10 (3050 x 1525)
Minimum material size: ft 3x3 (914x914)
Material thickness: in (mm) 1/32-1 (0.8-25.4)
Product cart capacity: lb (kg) 11000 (5000)/ cart
Material loading Suction Cup
Power and capacity (1 Laser) 200 or 220V±10% 60Hz (30kVA)
Power and capacity (2 Laser option) 200 or 220V±10% 60Hz (35kVA)
Air requirement 75psi (5 kg/㎠, 0.49MPa) 1200Nl/min (45cfm)
Unloading Fork Type
Minimum part size for unloading: in (mm) 6x 6 (150x150)
P7 Pallet changer: lb 4500
Tower maximum weight: lb (kg) 6000 (2720) / shelf
Number of shelves (Standard) 8
Number of shelves (Option) 12, 16, 20
Maximum material height: in (mm) 3.54 (90) Material
Material stand (without tower): lb 11,000
Number of stands (without tower) 1
Material cart (without tower): lb (kg) 11,000 (5000) / cart
Number of carts (without tower) 2
Maximum material height (without tower): in (mm) 14.0 (350) - skid included
8-shelf tower height: in (mm) 189.37 (4810)
12-shelf tower height: in (mm) 225.59 (5730)
16-shelf tower height: in (mm) 255.12 (6480)
20-shelf tower height: in (mm) 284.65 (7230)


  • Completely modular and expandable
  • Full load/unload cycle in approximately 75 seconds
  • Vacuum load systems with thickness detection and sheet separator features
  • Heavy-duty clamshell fork unload and system with built-in sheet raking system
  • Heavy-duty up to one-inch full size sheet load/unload capacity



  • Multiple combinations of material pallets and product pallets
  • Material pallets can be set up for 4-, 8-, 12-, or 16-shelves
  • Two loading locations available for a two-machine production cell
  • Product pallets are located at the bottom of the tower to save space

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