LT Multi Spindle Series

The newly redesigned LT Multi-Spindle Series is a true multi-axis Mill Turn production machine family that has all of the cutting versatility to complete all of your complex parts machining in a single set up and in record time. Both machine sizes, LT1 and LT2 offer customers the choice of an extra-large 76mm (3”) diameter spindle to handle even larger workpieces, providing them with enhanced versatility and machining capabilities. Solid structure and simplified design are key elements to stability, rigidity, accuracy, smooth finishes and long machine life. The LTs use a 45-degree slant bed structure and roller type linear guides for excellent stability, which allows for the use of a rigid 90-degree angle for the turret carriage. The unique single or double upper turret design puts the Y-axis on the X-axis block, saving space and simplifying control while delivering increased stability and precision machining. Additionally, this allows you to use a simpler controller specification, reducing programming complexity and saving you money at the same time. With the LT series you get the benefit of one, two or three servo turrets to make all of your complex parts easy to complete. All positions on these turrets are fully driven to give you a huge range of tooling options to suit your workpiece requirements. The servo turrets are designed and built especially for the LT series and combine rapid positioning with an efficient chiller system to avoid thermal deformation and uses an oil mist lubrication system to make sure the turrets run smoothly for many years.

The real power of the LT Series comes from the Mitsubishi M830S Series control and drive system. The main and sub-spindles both use direct drive motors provided by Mitsubishi and built into the spindle heads during machine construction. The control includes a state-of-the-art 64-bit RISC processing unit with ultra-high-speed fiber-optic backplane. This allows for extensive program look-ahead (2,700 blocks) and 168,000-BPM processing. The control software includes an easy-to-use interface with intuitive access to critical information such as editing, setup and monitoring functions. The navigation system allows for complete NANO-processing—from the program values to the servo commands.

LT Multi Spindle Series
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Model Max. Cutting Diameter Swing Over Bed Diameter Distance Between Centers Max. Cutting Length All Specs and Images
LT1-76YM Ø 12.20" (310mm) Ø 33.31" (846mm) 41.77" (1061mm) 24.80" (630mm) View
LT2-52YM Ø 12.20" (310mm) Ø 32.67" (830mm) 36.22" (920mm) 15.75" (400mm) View
LT2-76YM Ø 12.20" (310mm) Ø 32.67" (830mm) 36.22" (920mm) 14.57" (370mm) View


The LT series number designation is a description of the machine design. The LT1 and LT2 designates the number of 16 position live tooling turrets on each machine.  The 52 or 76 describes the bar capacity of the machine, 2 inch of 3 inch .  The Y designates a single upper turret Y-axis and Y2 states the two upper turrets have Y-axis capabilities.  The M designates that milling is possible.  The main and sub-spindles on the 52 size machines are 6000 RPM and on the 76 size machines they are 4000 RPM.  Each of the 16 position turrets spin the live tooling from 60 ~ 6000 RPM for all your milling and drilling requirements.



  • Full Enclosure
  • Roller Type Linear Guideways
  • Two Spindles and one, two or three Turrets
  • 4,000/6,000-RPM Main and Sub Spindle Motor (model dependent)
  • Auto lubrication ball screw and linear guide
  • Main & Sub Spindle Hydraulic Brake
  • 16-Station Servo Turret x (one or two model dependent)
  • Auto Power Off System
  • Chip Conveyor (Includes Chip Cart)
  • Oil Mist Lube for gear of turret live tools
  • 1 M Height Steel Belt Chip Conveyor
  • Coolant System
  • Auto Power Off
  • 3-Color Working Lamp

Optional Accessories

  • 6” Hydraulic Chuck (NA on the 76 size machines)
  • 8" Hydraulic Chuck
  • 10” Hydraulic Chuck (NA on the 52 size machines)
  • Step Down Multi Tap Transformer
  • Powergy Voltage Stabilizer
  • High pressure coolant device
  • Oil mist collector
  • Bar Feeder

Control Unit Features

  • Mitsubishi M830S Control
  • 64-bit RISC Processor
  • 2,700 Block Look Ahead
  • 168,000 BPM (Blocks/min. Processing Speed)
  • Editable Data Server (Flashcard type)
  • Ethernet with TCP/IP Protocol & RS232 Communications
  • Inch/Metric Switching

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