Achieve longer unattended operations in medical manufacting wit hthe MD+CELL. This unite combines a high-speed, precision wire EDM with a Mitsubishi robot to minimize the need for operator intervention and unattended running time. The combination of these products also ensures that sales and technical support coe from a single-source provider.


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Mitsubishi Robot RV-12S
Articulation 6-Axis
Max. Workpiece Weight: lb (kg) 26 (12)
3R MACRO Tooling Rack 64 Position
Robot Enclosure Size: in (mm) 60 x 60 (1525 x 1525)
Compatible Machine Types MD+PRO II & FA10S Advance


  • 3R MACRO Tooling Rack
  • Robot Enclosure Size
  • Compatible Machine Types
  • 64 Position
  • 60 x 60 inch
  • MD+PRO II & FA10S Advance
MD+CELL - Floorplan / Layout

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