MV4800-S Advance TYPE M800

MV4800-S Advance Type M800 is now capable of submerged cutting up to 20.0 inches deep with the full support of the best auto threading system on the market today.  With an annealing length of over 27 inches, this system is capable of threading the maximum workpiece height both at the start point and through the gap if needed for a broken wire recovery. 


MC Machinery Systems has modified the auto-threader casting which creates a removable 12” insert that when removed increases the Max. Workpiece Thickness to 32 inches.  The option includes tank wall, door extensions and upper head skirts to contain the cutting splash created by the workpiece extending above the maximum submerged level.


The MV4800-S Advance Type M800 has added several new features such as a wide tank door window, a built in 55 lb. wire spool system and thermal Buster which is a thermal stability system that circulates chilled dielectric fluid to key areas throughout the machine structure. Other key machine features are the highly reliable non-contact cylindrical drive system and the new Mitsubishi M800 series control with a 19-inch cell phone like touchscreen—providing easier user interface than previous models. With advancements in machine construction and power supply technology, the MV4800-S Advance Type M800 is sure to revolutionize EDM machining and increase your shop's productivity.

MV4800-S Advance TYPE M800

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Machine Travels: X x Y x Z in (mm) 31.5 x 23.6 x 20.1 (800 x 600 x 510)
Maximum Workpiece Dimensions: W x D x H in (mm) 49.2 x 40.2 x 19.9 (1250 x 1020 x 505)
Max. Submerged Workpiece Weight: lb (kg) 6600 (3000)
Table Dimensions: in (mm) 42.5 x 34.3 (1080 x 870) w Back Rail
U/V Travels (from center): in (mm) ±4.0 x ±4.0 (±100 x ±100)
Taper Angle @ Thickness: in (mm) 15 deg.@ 14.3 (15 deg.@ 365)
Wide Angle Taper (Optional Guides Required) 45 deg. @ 3.2" (No AT Possible)
Table Rapid Feed Speed: in/min (mm/min) 51.2 (1300)
Power Supply V350-V
Minimum Drive Unit / Resolution 0.00001 / 2 millionths (0.0001 / 0.05µm)
User Program Storage [Hard Disk Size] 1 GB [80 GB]
Wire Diameter Possible: in (mm) 0.006~0.012 (0.15~0.3)
Minimum Start Hole Diameter: in (mm) 0.02 (0.5)
Max. Wire Spool size On Machine / Built-in Box: lb (kg) 22 / 55 (10 / 25)
Filters / Type 4 / Paper
Filter Tank Capacity: gal (L) 391 (1480)
Machine System Dimensions: in (mm) 122.0 x 135.6 (3100 x 3445)
Machine Installed Height: in (mm) 110.8 (2815)
Machine System Weight: lb (kg) 13,007 (5900)
Fluid System Weight: lb (kg) 990 (450)
Power Requirements [KVA] 200-230V [13.5] Built in AVR
Compressed Air Requirements 2.7 cu.ft./min. @ 71~100 psi


  • The latest advancement to the MV series is the revolutionary Mitsubishi M800 CNC control with intuitive operation using a cell phone like 19-inch touch-screen on an ergonomic tilt/swivel mounting system.
  • New software functions help operators with a setup checklist and enhanced maintenance screens to keep track of operations.  All new common shape macros reduce programming time by as much as 88%.
  • The new Advance Pendant Box uses a thin tapered design with a 3.5-inch LCD touch screen to provide the operator with more functionality at the machine which reduces setup time.
  • Thermal Buster is a thermal stability system that uses several sensors to monitor the temperature of key areas of the machine casting and synchronizes them by circulating chiller dielectric fluid through them.
  • The large wire spool system has been upgraded from an external 44 lb. cabinet to a built-in 55 lb. unit.  This change plus a redesign of the fluid tank has reduced the machine width by 16%, saving you valuable floor space while adding longer unattended machining time.
  • Due to the 20” submerged depth capacity the automatic vertical opening door was difficult at best to see over to monitor the machining process.  That issue has been resolved by adding a very wide window into the tank door.  Now viewing the work area no longer requires a step stool.



  • V350-V AEII Power Supply with Digital Spark Control
  • DMX-S (Digital Matrix Sensor) Shapes each spark reducing electrode wear
  • Non-contact, Zero Back-Lash Linear Shaft Drive System XY (UV-Z use ball screws)
  • All Fiber Optic servo control (4X faster internal communication speed)
  • Submerged Machining to 20.0" Deep
  • Automatic Fluid Level Control
  • Automatic Vertical Machine Tank Door with viewing window 
  • Three Piece Hardened 3-Sided Stainless Work Table with a back support rail
  • Fine Grain "Dianite" Casting Material
  • Fixed Table Traveling Column Construction (Column Moves in X & Y)
  • New M800 Series Control with 19” cell phone like touch screen operation
  • Windows 8 Embedded Operating System
  • CFAST Compact Flash Card memory with 1GB user program storage
  • Fully-Automatic Rough Machining Control covers PM, CM-R and EM functions
  • Program Input Methods: Keyboard, USB Flash Memory, and Ethernet with FTP standard
  • 2D-CAM Onboard Programming allows DXF and IGES CAD files to be imported
  • Onboard Programming Macros allows for quick easy programing of common simple shapes
  • DC-Servo (Closed Loop) Torque Control Wire Tensioning System
  • Linear Motion Guide Ways
  • All-Axes Absolute Control System
  • Linear Glass Scale Feedback (X-Y Axes)
  • Optical Rotary Encoder Feedback (UV-Z-Axis)
  • ± 4” U-V Axis Travel provides higher taper angles in taller workpieces
  • AM (Angle Master) provides a higher degree of taper accuracy (requires AM guides and flush cups)
  • Automatic Wire Alignment uses a removable alignment block to square the wire to the table
  • Round diamond wire guides (easy screw-in type)
  • One-Touch Lever Lock Power Feeder System allows indexing the carbide in the middle of a job
  • Scrap Wire Processor (Chopper) (Standard)
  • 25Kg (55 lb.) built in wire spool capacity
  • New 27" AT Annealing Length Improves Threading Reliability
  • Inverter Controlled 16-Step Programmable Flushing
  • Full-Time AEII (Anti-Electrolysis) Power Supply Protection
  • Thermal Buster thermal stabilization system
  • Dielectric Fluid Chiller Standard
  • Full 2-yr. Warranty with Triple Diamond Partnership Program
  • Special 10 Year Positioning Warranty (Covers the Cylindrical Drive System)
  • Remote 360 (Remote user monitoring, diagnostics & service support)
  • Preventative Maintenance (PM) Visit (to be used by end of 1st year)
  • Auto-Oiler Lubrication System




Z-Axis AT Extension 32” Includes additional splash Guards (extends max workpiece thickness to 32”)

MV4800-S Advance TYPE M800 - Floorplan / Layout MV4800-S Advance TYPE M800 - Floorplan / Layout MV4800-S Advance TYPE M800 - Floorplan / Layout MV4800-S Advance TYPE M800 - Floorplan / Layout

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