PA Basic Series

Designed with a HEXA-C® frame that ensures a perfect guiding on the upper beam even when under load when compared to a standard C frame/O frame and manufactured per the strictest standards. The PA Basic press brake is an affordable investment solution. Equipped with a very intuitive and user-friendly 15’’ Touch screen CNC. Effective hydraulics with overload protection: great energy savings with motor “Start/Stop” system that switches off if the machine stays idle for a set time. As a standard equipped also with Wila crowning, oil cooler, sheet supports, Lazersafe and high precision back gauge to ensure the best final product.

PA Basic Series

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Model Capacity: kN Bending Length: mm Distance Between Housings: mm Max Stroke: mm All Specs and Images
PA BASIC - 13530 1350 3000 2550 260 View
PA BASIC - 13540 1350 4000 3150 260 View
PA BASIC - 16030 1600 3000 2550 260 View
PA BASIC - 16040 1600 4000 3150 260 View
PA BASIC - 22030 2200 3000 2550 260 View
PA BASIC - 22040 2200 4000 3150 260 View


  • Revolutionary structural concept "HEXA-C"
  • Semi-hybrid solution with Greendrive System
  • High open height, stroke and throat depth
  • Safety system by LazerSafe
  • User-friendly operation
  • Wide range of configurations
  • Sturdiness and reliability
  • Multi-axes back guage, fast and accurate

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