PA Plus Series

Designed with a HEXA-C® frame that ensures a perfect guiding on the upper beam even when under load when compared to a standard C frame/O frame and manufactured per the strictest standards. The PA Plus can be the answer to a wide variety of solutions by adding different options and accessories! Equipped with very intuitive and user-friendly 15’’ Touch screen 2D CNC allowing for multiple axis and with an alphanumeric support keyboard. Effective hydraulics with overload protection: great energy savings with motor “Start/Stop” system that switches off if the machine stays idle for a set time. As a standard equipped also with Wila crowning, Z1/Z2, oil cooler, sheet supports, Lazersafe and high precision ball screws back gauge to ensure the correct bend. Available options like tower back gauges, bending followers, Wila clamping systems and others.

PA Plus Series

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  • Revolutionary structural concept "HEXA-C"
  • Semi-hybrid solution with Greendrive System
  • High open height, stroke and throat depth
  • Safety system by LazerSafe
  • User-friendly operation
  • Wide range of configurations
  • Sturdiness and reliability
  • Multi-axes back gauge, fast and accurate

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