Based on our SmartFlex RAPID laser automation, our A.P.P. Automated Part Picking system uses 320 independently controlled vacuum modules to pick only the parts from your skeleton.

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Cycle Time 52 seconds
Load Weight Limit 6,600 lbs
Unload Weight Limit 11,000 lbs per cart
System Footprint 57'7" x 51'
Shelf Count (Base) 8 shelves
Shelf Count (Maximum) 22 shelves
Max Tower Count 3


• De-Nests your parts automatically
• Pick an entire sheet of parts at once
• Eliminate tangled stacks of cut sheets
• Places parts on conveyor for easy access.
• Removes scrap directly to carts
• Effective Range of .030”-.375” (.8mm-9mm)
• Load/Unload Capable of .75” (19mm)
• Available Scratch Free Conveyor



• Designed to be completely modular and expandable.
• Aerial Positioning ensures accurate sheet location without time
consuming cutting head edge detection.
• Automatic Sheet Separation and Thickness Detection.
Never cut the wrong material again.
• Heavy Duty Load AND Unload with full 1.0” thickness capability.
• Tower shelves with 6600lbs capacity.
• Automated SmartStation Carts with a full 11000lb each
weight capacity.
• Available conveyor.

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