SR-F Series

The newest laser from Mitsubishi features a 3m by 1.5m footprint with many of the features and options that are popular in our best selling eX-F laser. We are proud to introduce...The SR-F.

Because fiber laser technology relies on fiber optics to deliver light to the head, as opposed to mirror-directed beams, significant space savings can be realized with fiber laser technology.  We know that square footage is at a premium in your facility. The SR Fiber is built on the same platform as our highly successful SR CO2 platform.  A true proven work horse.  All of the benefits of this model have been moved over to Fiber technology.


SR-F Series

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Machine Structure Welded Frame with Precision Helical Rack & Pinion, Direct Drives
Travel Drive Method X,Y, Z simultaneous 3-axes
Control Method X,Y, and Z simultaneous 3 axis control
X – Axis Stroke 122.05”
Y – Axis Stroke  61.02”
Z – Axis Stroke  5.9”
Maximum Work Piece Size  120.080” x 60.040”
Maximum Processing Feed Rate  2000 (in/min)
Maximum Work Piece Weight  1550 lbs.
Table Pass Height 33.5”
Rapid Travel Speed 3940 single axis, 5550 simultaneous (in/min)
Minimum Command Input 0.001mm / 0.0001”
Drive Motor Type Intelligent AC Servo
Positioning Accuracy 0.0019”/20”
Repeatability ±0.00039”
Machine Unit Dimensions 406.0” (W) x 112.0” (H) x 123.2” (D)
Total System Weight 19621 lbs.
Pallet Change Time Approximately 40 seconds
Pallet Changer Weight 4500 lbs.
Pallet Changer Drive Mechanism Chain 
For Installation and Facility Requirements: See Pre-Installation Manual


Type Self-Contained Simple Dust Proof Design
(Mounted on Processing Machine)
CPU 64 Bit
Display Unit 15” TFT Color LCD Touch Screen
Hard Disc Drive Capacity  20.0 GB
Program Memory Capacity Standard: 5,000m / Approximately 2MB
Number of register able programs: 400
Laser Control Power Control Output Power, Frequency, Duty
Operation Control Beam On/Off, etc.
Processing Machine Control Drive Method X, Y, Z (Simultaneous Control)
Position Detection Encoder
Min. Command Unit 0.001mm / 0.0001”
Program Input Method USB / Ethernet LAN
Operation Method Memory Operation
HD Direct Operation


Laser Oscillator/Resonator YLS 2000 ML YLS 3000 ML YLS 4000 ML
Excitation Method Ytterbium Doped Fiber Ytterbium Doped Fiber Ytterbium Doped Fiber
Control Method Power Feedback Power Feedback Power Feedback
Wave Length 1.07 Micron 1.07 Micron 1.07 Micron
Frequency Range 100-3000 Hz 100-3000 Hz 100-3000 Hz
Duty Range 5-100% 5-100% 5-100%
Output Power Range 5-100% 5-100% 5-100%
Rated Output Power (CW) 2000 watts 3000 watts 4000 watts
Electrical Requirements: Motion System, Control, Oscillator 208 VAC +/- 10%-5%, 3 Phase, 60Hz 21 KVA (Total Machine Usage) 60 (Full Load Amps) 208 VAC +/- 10%-5%, 3 Phase, 60Hz 22 KVA (Total Machine Usage) 63 (Full Load Amps) 208 VAC +/- 10%-5%, 3 Phase, 60Hz 23 KVA (Total Machine Usage) 63 (Full Load Amps)
Electrical Requirements: Chiller Unit 208 VAC +/- 10%-5%, 3 Phase, 60Hz 12KVA 35 (Full Load Amps) 208 VAC +/- 10%-5%, 3 Phase, 60Hz 12KVA 35 (Full Load Amps) 208 VAC +/- 10%-5%, 3 Phase, 60Hz 12KVA 35 (Full Load Amps)


  • Comes standard with a fiber laser resonator, a processing head and a safety cover.
  • M700 Series Control
  • 15” touch screen
  • Multi-Channel dust-collection mechanism



  • Mitsubishi’s High-Speed Control for Lasers (MHC-L), an original control method which maximizes fiber lasers high speed cutting capability. Controls bean on/off timing 1 micro-second increments. The system includes a timing calculator that allows the machine to deliver fast rise time when the laser needs power.
  • Motion Cut- features the beam on/off time and axial movement simultaneously to eliminate the need for the axes stop.
  • Eco Mode reduces cost during standby by up to 70%
  • Power Control System provides power stability of +/-  1%
  • Automatic Focusing allows for easy and consistent focusing.
  • Reduction of cutting time by fast command execution.
  • Long term stabile processing by all fiber composition.
  • Remote 360

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