The VIDERE operator support system was developed to simplify press brake operations by clearly showing in front of the operator functional process information that is simple to see and effortless to understand. Support
information from setup to processing is displayed in real time, real size and real location. Setup and work handling that once required a skilled operator is now simplified by VIDERE, improving productivity by reducing bending defects and eliminating non-value added steps in an operators daily machine interactions.


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Model Bending Length: in (mm) Bending Capacity: US tons (metric tons) Stroke: in (mm) Max Back Gauge Distance: in (mm)
BH 25030 VIDERE 122.0 (3100) 276 (250) 9.8 (250) 33.5 (850)
BH 18530 VIDERE 122.0 (3100) 204 (185) 9.8 (250) 33.5 (850)
BH 13530 VIDERE 122.0 (3100) 149 (135) 9.8 (250) 33.5 (850)
BH 8525 VIDERE 102.4 (2600) 94 (85) 9.8 (250) 33.5 (850)
BB 6020 VIDERE 83 (2100) 60 (55) 6 (150) 25.6 (650)


Reduced Setup Time
Because of the shape, length, and install position information is displayed in front of the operator, it is quick and easy to understand for any skill level operator. Up to 80% reduction in setup time compared to a manually clamped machine.

Fewer Mistakes
The bending simulation is displayed on the front of the machine and guides the part handling from both a front and rear view preventing mistakes of asymmetrical work. By displaying the work in front of the operator it eliminates unnecessary movement. The larger format display is easily readable by the operator.

Improved Productivity
Reduced setup time, fewer bending mistakes, and less operator movement to the control to check the bending sequence or confirm dimensions equals more parts per shift of operation. Increased production with the same footprint of a stand-alone machine without the large budget for automation.

Virtual Training
If you are bending for the first time, or even if you are not familiar with a press brake you can easily process a part guided by the VIDERE operator support tool. Practice bending by watching the VIDERE and train new operators in hours or less.

Machine Status
Because the machine status is displayed on the upper ram the work status can be understood from anywhere in the shop including cautions or what parts are being formed visually.



  • Entry Screen
  • Tool Layout Screen
  • 3D Model Screen
  • Unfolded Drawing
  • 3D Bending Simulation
  • Handling Simulation
  • DXF Data
  • Precautions for Processing

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