Sinker EDM Helps Company Change its Views on EDM Technologies

The OPS-Ingersoll Gantry Eagle 1200 sinker EDM was recently featured in an article in MoldMaking Technology magazine. The article highlights how Viking Tool and Engineering Inc. (Viking Tool) used this sinker EDM machine, supplied by MC Machinery, to streamline operations, increase competitiveness and profitability.

According to Rick Seaver, president of Viking Tool, he first learned about the machine from Performance Machinery LLC. “Bryan Herrington, our Performance Machinery representative, explained the new generator technology and how the machine was at least twice as fast and, in most moldmaking applications, used only one electrode. I thought this is something I have to see.”

In the article, Seaver shares that before the company invested in the OPS-Ingersoll Gantry Eagle 1200 sinker EDM, its three existing EDM machines would net about 10 hours a day in burn time per EDM. As a result of the purchase, Viking Tool was able to eliminate two of its four EDM machines.

For the full details on how eliminating bottlenecks and doubling output was possible, read the entire MoldMaking Technology article titled “Advanced EDM Features Increase Efficiency and Change Perceptions” by following this link.

More details on the OPS-Ingersoll Gantry Eagle 1200 sinker EDM can be found here.