The Fastest Path to a Successful Installation or Upgrade

A purchase from MC Machinery is much more than just the addition of a world-class piece of machinery. It comes with a commitment from everyone here to help make sure your operation and team fully take advantage of the efficiency and quality of our equipment both short and long term. In addition to unmatched service and support, one of the primary ways we work to do this is by offering a comprehensive, custom training schedule throughout the year at locations across North America. There are also options for on-site, machine-specific, or broader operation evaluation and training. Let’s take a deeper look at the different training offerings.

Scheduled Classes
There are dozens already on the calendar for the balance of the year. These classes run anywhere from two to five days and are conveniently held at one of our three technical centers in New Jersey, Illinois, or California. Topics include everything from basic machine operation to programing and strategy for our milling, laser, and EDM machining solutions. These sessions mix classroom instruction with hands-on exercises with the machine tool and control system.

On-Site Training
The opportunity to have one of MC Machinery’s experts visit your facility and train on the installed machine is a great one. This gives the trainer the opportunity to understand the facility, the team, and the processes and how they interact with the new installation or upgrade. There is some cost associated with this option, but many states have instituted special grants to cover costs associated with on-site training of new employees or to upgrade the skills of existing staff. Click here to find out about programs in your state.

On-Site Application Support    
The presidential suite of training offerings, an On-site Application Support visit from one of our experts is much more than learning how to run a single machine. This program offers high-level reviews of processes and applications and generates actionable recommendations for how to integrate or optimize a new or existing machine tool. On these visits, we can also dial in to address fixtures, tooling, materials, almost any facet of the operation. A typical visit lasts 2-3 days.

To read detailed descriptions of classes, see a full schedule, and register or request a visit, click here to navigate to the training section of this site.

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