The OEM difference when it comes to consumables

The OEM Difference blog

Scott Watton, MC Machinery’s Consumable Product Group (CPG) Product Manager, says that using low-cost consumables can be a costly mistake and that only high-quality OEM parts can improve your EDM performance and productivity while increasing the life of your machines.

“You have purchased your piece of capital equipment from a source you trust, don’t compromise on the consumables, and use the same accessories on your machine as the experts at Mitsubishi use on theirs. Using OEM tested and approved products make sure your machine is running up to OEM standards,” says Watton.

MC Machinery’s machines are built and tested using VAN-TG brass wire. VAN-TG brass wire is manufactured by OKI Electric to Mitsubishi specifications utilizing a special manufacturing process. CPG and authorized distributors are the exclusive suppliers of VAN-TG wire. MC Machinery Systems is the largest supplier of brass wire in North America assuring the freshest, cleanest, highest quality wire available.  In addition, guides, power feeds, nozzles, and filters are all engineered to make your machine cut quality parts day in and day out.

Watton also adds that if you used only approved consumables, you can rest assured that if anything does not perform up to OEM standard, MC Machinery will replace them at absolutely no charge, no questions asked. Purchasing OEM developed and approved consumables is like having an additional insurance policy.