The VIDERE option for Press Brake offers operators real time information

MC Machinery’s latest invention: the VIDERE system for BH and BB series machines offers the ability to view and manipulate DXF files, 3-D models, bending simulations, change bend sequences, tool allocations, and full, real-time simulations parallel to bending process with bend assist.

Whether you are an experienced operator or new to bending, the high-speed and high-accuracy VIDERE system, including advanced operator support features, delivers the right information at the right time in the operator’s field of view.

“We developed the VIDERE system as an operator support tool to maximize manufacturers’ uptime and improve staff utilization combat the skilled worker shortage facing the industry today all without requiring a large budget or floor space for automation,” says David Bray, national press brake product manager at MC Machinery.

The VIDERE system is priced to achieve ROI in less than one year. If you need more information on the VIDERE system, check out the video and feel free to ask our press brake sales representatives any questions at 630-616-5920.