About Training Courses

About Training Courses


Start times for all classes begin at 9:00 AM @ 85 Northwest Point Blvd. Elk Grove Village, Illinois 60007. Upon arrival, please use the main entrance and check in at the front desk, please wait in the front lobby until your instructor is available to take you to your classroom. The class end times will be approximately 5:00 PM. Start times at our other facilities is generally around the same time (9:00 AM) you will be using the main facility unless otherwise noted in your confirmation documentation.

Note 1: To be fair to all of our customers, we will only guarantee two seats from any one company per class. If you would like to send more students, please contact the training schedulers at 630-616-7701 to start a separate waiting list for the class. On the Wednesday of the week before the class, if there are any openings left, we will open the seating and contact companies based upon earliest request for the spot.

Note 2: Unless otherwise stated in writing on the sales contract, training is provided free of charge to our customers under the original manufacturer’s warranty period only. This does not apply to extended service warranties past that date. No class credit will be retained if your company elects not to send students during the warranty period. For all other situations, there is a minimal charge per student. If you are a Triple Diamond member there are discounts applied.

Note 3: Under the 1994 Workforce Investment Act (WIA) your state, in cooperation with the federal government, can provide grants to offset completely the charges noted above. The grants do not cover transportation costs. For more information, contact our scheduling staff.

Note 4: All classroom training is subject to equipment availability. Guarantees offered as a condition of sale DO NOT supersede this. Older models will gradually be replaced at our training centers which will restrict and eventually eliminate class room training for that specific machine model. Usually this occurs around a year after that model is no longer being manufactured, in order to make room so we can train on the current machines being sold. After this time, training can still be done at your facility but there is charge for this. Classes are deliberately held to a specific student number that allows maximum "hands on" time.

Note 5: Sometimes it is necessary to reschedule or cancel classes. We try our best to avoid this, but in the course of business this situation can occur. MC Machinery reserves the right to cancel classes up to a week prior to scheduled date, without liability. It is therefore strongly recommended that customers refrain from the purchase of "non-refundable" airline tickets. If your class is cancelled, we will work with you on rescheduling and your students will be given priority for the next class.