Laser (EX-F/RX-F): Level 1 - Machine Fundamentals

Laser (EX-F/RX-F): Level 1 - Machine Fundamentals

Operations Course - 3 Days

The Laser Machine Fundamentals Course begins with an introduction to the various parts of the machine tool, head, and control. It is a "hands on" course which will keep your personnel engaged and interested in the task at hand.

This course focuses on basic setup and operation. The student will be shown how to clean/replace the processing lens/window (dependent on model), how to properly center the nozzle, beam focusing (if applicable), and height calibration.

Students will be given time on the equipment to perform the above setup procedures. They then will have the opportunity to cut a variety of materials and thickness. During these labs they will be shown how to diagnose the cut and make changes in the cutting condition. Cut multiples of one part and how to adjust the focus for processing different materials.

Control screen navigation and functions will be presented, followed by explanations of how the Technology settings, feed rates, power settings and cutter compensations affect the machining results. Basic G&M code will be a part of this class, as well as restarting from specific locations in the program. They will also be shown how to save programs and use the system Data Input and Output.


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Who should attend:

This course is designed for operators who have little to no experience, or those who have learned the equipment via "word of mouth".