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MC Milling (Litz) - Machine Tool Fundamentals - Operations Course

MC Milling - Machine Tool Fundamentals

Operations Course - 3 to 5 Days.

The MC Milling Machine Fundamentals Course will introduce and instruct the student in the function, setup and operational principles of the current model "DM", "DV", or "MCV", “SV” and “TV” series Litz vertical milling machine. It is primarily designed to provide the first time users and seasoned operators with a good knowledge foundation of the features and specific controls necessary to run the Litz vertical milling machine.


The MC Milling Machine Training Course begins with an introduction to the various parts of the machine tool, chiller operation, CNC controller and basic maintenance.

A demonstration will precede the hands on training, which will allow each operator to setup a part, indicate the part for “X” and “Y” zero position, install proper tooling, set the correct “Z” heights, load the proper program and cut that specific part. 

Controller navigation and functions will be presented, followed by an in depth examination of the CNC controller and its functionality. Practical hands on exercises will be used to familiarize each student with the functions and aspects the controller offers. Each student will learn how to maneuver the controller menus and their functions while being guided by the instructor. The students will also be shown how to save programs and use the system data I/O.


Training will follow the same week there has been a new installation of a machine tool.

You can either register on-line at the above address or call 630-616-5960


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Who should attend:

This course is designed primarily for first time and also seasoned operators so they can familiarize themselves with the machine tool and controller more rapidly.

A fundamental understanding of CNC operations and general milling concepts is suggested. Knowledge of industry terms used in this course will greatly aid in understanding of the machine features.