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MC Milling - Machine Tool Fundamentals - Operations Course

Roku Roku HC, MEGA S, CEGA II, VS & RMX Series- Machine Tool Fundamentals

Operation Course - 5 Days

The MC Milling Roku Machine Fundamentals Course will introduce and instruct the student in the function, setup and operational principles of the current model "Roku Roku HC", "Mega S", or Cega II", “VS” and “RMX” series vertical milling machine. These machines are primarily designed for Hard Milling and Graphite Milling. This training will benefit operators with a good knowledge of the features and specific controls necessary to run the Roku Roku vertical milling machine.


The MC Milling Roku Machine Training Course is customer driven training that begins by discussing with student what materials are used, milling concepts, hard milling, graphite milling, and use of 4th or 5th axis fixturing if installed on machine. An overview of the various parts of the machine which include chiller operation and maintenance, dust collector function and general maintenance, oil mister use and maintenance, laser tool measuring operation;  Fanuc CNC controller functions and all options along with machine general maintenance and grease points. There can be further instruction of optional items such as Blum probes, robotics and 4th and 5th axis if they are installed on the machine.   

An overview followed with demonstrations by the instructor will allow many opportunities for the students to ask questions and then have ample time for hands on training. The training includes but is not limited to properly homing the machine, installation and setup of all needed fixtures which may include the 4th or 5th axis options, indicating the part for “X” and “Y” zero position, proper tool changer operation by choosing and installing correct tooling, setting “Z” height offsets in the controller registers with the Blum laser measurement tool, loading the proper programs into the machine by either Ethernet, Compact Flash Adapter and on the new machines USB is available and then cutting a part on your machine.

Controller navigation and all functions will be presented and followed with an in depth examination of the Fanuc controller and the functionality including the options that are used for graphite milling and hard milling, which include the dust collector and oil mister use. Instruction will be given on 3 important modes that the Roku Machine uses which are the High Speed, Standard and High Precision modes depending on the type of the machining. Hands on exercises will be used to familiarize each student with the functions and aspects that the controller offers.  Each student will learn how to maneuver the controller menus and their functions while being guided by the instructor.


Training will be in the same week of new machine installation in most cases. Machines with options such as Blum probes and robots will require further training.

You can either register on-line at the above address or call 630-616-5900 option 4


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Who should attend:

This course is designed primarily for seasoned operators so they can familiarize themselves with the machine tool controller and options more rapidly.

An understanding of CNC operations, high speed milling concepts, hard milling and graphite milling, CAD/CAM programming, G&M codes, knowledge of industry terms used in this course will greatly aid in understanding of the machine features.