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MWX Series Waterjet - Operation Course

4 days

The Machine Fundamentals Course will introduce and instruct the student in the functions, setups and operational principles of the current model "MWX3", or “MWX4” series 64-bit PC based Mitsubishi Waterjet machine. It is primarily designed to provide the first time user with a good knowledge foundation of the features and specific controls necessary to run the average Waterjet job and is introductory in nature.

The first part of the course begins with an introduction to the various parts and layout of the machine tool, high pressure pump, garnet removal, and closed loop system.

The programming section of the course will cover the MetaJet CAD/CAM software covering functions to create the proper NC code for machine operation.  On the single part level, this will include importing geometry, creating a tool path, pierce routines, cutting conditions, explanation of the database, and the various options in the post processor.  The course will also cover the layout and true shape nesting features.

The machine operation section will discuss the general functionality and navigation of the Human Machine Interface(HMI).  It we will review the procedure for loading the programs created in MetaJet, setting work offsets, changing variables, performing restarts and editing the NC code.  The lab portion will cut multiple single parts as well as real world jobs including various materials and thicknesses.  Procedures will be demonstrated for adjusting the database to optimize the quality of the cut.

Next will be a machine preventative maintenance session.  Here we will review general maintenance of the machine, closed loop system, garnet removal system, and chiller operation.  Alignment of the Taper Control System (TCS) will be performed (X4 model only).  Calibration of the touch sensor is also explained.  A subsection will specifically go over the high pressure pump which will be disassembled and seal replacement demonstrated.  


Training is provided at the customer's facility the week following machine installation


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Who should attend:

This course is designed primarily for new equipment operators. A fundamental understanding of CNC operations and Microsoft Windows is suggested. Knowledge of industry terms used in this course will greatly aid in understanding of the machine features.