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Sinker EDM: Level 1 - Machine Fundamentals

Operations Course - 3 Days

The Sinker EDM Machine Fundamentals Course begins with an introduction to the various parts of the machine tool, generator, and control.

A demonstration and class lab follow this on job preparation fundamentals that will allow each student to actually use the setup feature(s) of the machine to qualify and setup both electrodes and workpieces. Use of the tool changer as well as how to properly determine and input ATC tool compensation will be discussed.

Control screen navigation and functions will be presented, followed by an introduction into the ESPER II programming system. Practical exercises to familiarize the student with the powerful ESPER Artificial Intelligence will be conducted to produce complete program models and examples. How the technology functions and explanations of it's features such as servo retraction method, choosing the proper orbit and electrode undersize will be discussed in a forum. The students will be introduced to the system's Fuzzy Logic, which is the second AI system used to optimize and protect burning operations. They will also be shown how to save programs and use the system data I/O.


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Who should attend:

This course is designed primarily for new equipment operators or for those who have not used the Windows based control before.

A fundamental understanding of CNC operations and general EDM concepts is suggested. Knowledge of industry terms used in this course will greatly aid in understanding of the machine features.


The Machine Fundamentals Course will introduce and instruct the student in the functions, setups and operational principles of the current series 64-bit PC based Mitsubishi Sinker EDM machine. This course is also applicable to the equivalent version 64-bit Ingersoll Gantry IG500, IG800, IG1000, IG1500, or IG2000 Sinker. It is primarily designed to provide the first time user with a good knowledge foundation of the features and specific controls necessary to run the average EDM job and is introductory in nature.