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Sinker EDM: Level 2 - Optimization and Application Strategies

Applications Course - 3 Days

The Optimization and Application Strategies course will start with a short review of the material covered in the Level 1 course. This will be followed by a lecture on advanced machining concepts and common program difficulties. Several optimization strategies will be demonstrated that are application specific. Technology manipulation will be highlighted. A better understanding of the various circuits and machine functions will be provided.

Note that this course tends to be more interactive and flexible than the earlier introductory class. Course instructors welcome real world topics from the students and will clarify any related troubleshooting techniques and strategies.

Students are encouraged to bring copies of their programs and prints, which might be used to illustrate solutions. Any labs will be built around topics that develop during the course discussion.


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Who should attend:

This course is designed for operators who have either attended the Machine Fundamental course or operated the equipment for at least one-year. Assuming that the attendee has previous equipment familiarity there will be only a limited review of basic functions and controls.

A good understanding of CNC operations and general EDM concepts is suggested. Knowledge of industry terms used in this course will greatly aid in utilization of the strategies discussed.


The Optimization and Application Strategies Course deals with the methods and strategies to optimize performance of your current series 64-bit PC based Mitsubishi Sinker EDM machine. This course is also applicable to the equivalent version 64-bit Ingersoll Gantry IG500, IG800, IG1000, IG1500, or IG2000 Sinker. It is designed to provide the experienced user with the necessary knowledge foundation to better utilize the equipment's built-in features and abilities.