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Wire EDM: 2D CAM – Integrated Programming Systems

2 Days

Disclaimer! This class type is setup for companies with a Mitsubishi Wire EDM model FA-SA, FA-PSA, MD+PRO III, and MV Series Wire EDM with W31 Windows XP controller and W41 Windows 8 controller. It should be noted that 2DCAM is a “Lite” CADCAM on-board programming and DXF import utility built into the machine control types listed above. It is not designed to offer equivalent functionality of full featured standalone CADCAM systems



The 2D CAM Operation course will introduce and instruct the student to the various steps involved in programming parts for their WEDM. It is designed for student to understand the process of taking an existing CAD file (DXF) and converting it to NC code for the machine. The class is divided into 2 blocks. Block 1 covers the operation of the CAM side of the software. Block 2 covers the basics of the CAD side of the software. At the end of this course, the student should be able to take a CAD file and make a single- and multiple-part program to run on the machine.


  • Basic 2D CAM Menus (File, CAM, and Layer)
  • General Options and Preferences
  • Importing DXF Files
  • Saving the Part (DWG) File
  • Methods of Setting Start Points & Element of Profile to Enter/Exit a Cut
  • How to Setup the Cut Process for the Created Profile
  • How to Setup Profiles with Taper Angles
  • How to Setup 4-Axis Geometry
  • Setting Z-Values for Tapered Geometry
  • Setting the Order of Operation for Multiple Parts
  • Setting Default Codes to be Input in a NC Program
  • Creating NC Program for Profiles Setup
  • How to Set/Modify Multiple Layers on the Drawing
  • How to Assign Work Coordinate Positions
  • Transferring Created Program Data to “Check” Simulator
  • Transferring Created Program Data to Monitor Screen for Automatic Operation
  • Saving Created NC File into Machine’s Memory (Program Map Screen)


  • Create a New Drawing
  • Save the Drawing as a DWG file
  • Setting Points
  • Methods of Drawing Lines
  • Methods of Drawing Arcs
  • Drawings Lines/Arcs Relative to a Segment of Existing Geometry
  • Splitting an Element Into Multiple Segments
  • Trimming Geometry
  • Creating Radius Between Intersecting Points of Geometry
  • Connecting Open Segments of Geometry
  • Move/Copying Geometry
  • Drawing Automatic Shapes Using the Special Figure Function


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Who should attend:

This course is designed primarily for WEDM Programmers who will be programming parts for the machine. This class is recommended for both first time 2D CAM users and those wishing for a refresher course in the software.

A basic understanding of CNC operations and general machining concepts is suggested, but not required. Knowledge of industry terms used in this course will greatly aid in understanding of the machine features.