Two customers’ amazing stories highlighted in top trade publications


MC Machinery Systems customer, Metal Fab Solutions (MFS), has one of the most unique business models we’ve ever seen. Editors at The Fabricator magazine thought so too and highlighted the mid-sized shop in the August edition.

MFS is a member of a unique organization called The Villages Companies. It’s a kind of collective where very different companies, from consultants to outdoor and gaming companies, share some of their mutually beneficial resources.

“The village allows us all to focus on what we do best, and for us, that’s sheet metal and welding,” Kurt Wollenberg, the general manager at MFS, said. “That’s what really makes it so fun. And an important part of our business model is fun. We all need jobs, and we need to get the work done, but let’s have fun while we’re at it.”

Wollenberg and his fabrication shop manager, Tad Kallas, go on to explain the model and the important role technologies like our DiamondBend software and a 6-kW Mitsubishi laser with automation have in making it all work. The ability to take some of the burden off operators with the help of the right tools makes the village model work great for MFS.

Read the article, “New Metal Fabricator Takes Collaboration to the Next Level,” here.


OGS Industries Inc. in Akron produces what many would consider an unusual mix of parts and batches. As manufacturing engineer, Paul Csaky, put it in a recent edition of Modern Metals magazine, “We have jobs that could be thousands of parts and jobs that might only be a handful of pieces for a prototype.” Not to mention the diverse materials they cut, including aluminum, brass, copper, Hastelloy, Inconel, stainless and carbon steels, and titanium in gauges ranging from 0.005-inch to 1-inch.

OGS started to have trouble managing the throughput of such a breadth of work on older machines. Repairs were starting to become too expensive to justify. They decided to purchase a Mitsubishi 6kW eX-F fiber laser with a 5×10-foot work area and load and unload automation. Thanks in large part to the automation, which Csaky called a “game-changer, they’re cutting parts four to six times faster. They’re also to cut highly reflective alloys without having to worry about lens contamination and the costly repairs associated.

“We used to avoid jobs with copper and brass, but now the fiber doesn’t care. It can cut anything and everything,” Csaky said in the article.

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