Want to run a press brake leaner and greener? Consider going electric

Greener and Leaner Blog

If you are looking for a press brake that can run lean, is safe for the environment, and is incredibly accurate-an electric press brake is for you. The recently unveiled Diamond BB Series press brake from MC Machinery offers quiet operation and faster cycle times to meet demands.


Below are the key features of the Diamond BB Series press brake:

High-speed ram and high-precision repeatability

From the originators of the world’s first electric press brake, the BB Series offers solid performance and know-how in bending. The BB4013-FF ball screw press brake is made with Mitsubishi electronics, motors, and servo drives, and features an AC servo motor and ball screw mechanism for high-speed productivity and repeatability (0.001mm).

Accuracy every time

When you need accuracy, you can count on the BB4013-FF. The ram shaft drive enables high-speed movement at 100 millimeters per second and incredible ram repeat-stop accuracy. The high-speed, high-precision back gauge has a four-micron positioning accuracy thanks to Mitsubishi motor technology.

Quick and easy programming

Easy 15-inch color touchscreens running standard Windows XP Pro make programming simple and quick. Offline 3D programming is available, allowing all imagery to be seen at the control.

To learn more about MC Machinery’s electric press brake offerings, call 630-616-5920.