Making your shop floor more productive—by design.

With MC Machinery, skilled service, the right parts, and top-notch training are only the start of our support offerings. We can also help you be more productive from the ground up, with customized plans for shop floor setups that work harder and get better results.

Whether developing integrated manufacturing cells or adding specific solutions to complement existing operations, our expert application and engineering support team fuses extensive knowledge of the technology with deep knowledge of your industry to help you proactively eliminate bottlenecks, improve accuracy, and drive throughput.

Focusing on process improvement and optimization of the process or application, our typical on-site application visits are 2-3 days in length, and may include a review of fixtures, tooling, wire type, electrode and workpiece materials, technology, or programming. Consultation services are not part of the standard package included with each machine purchase, so changes will be quoted based upon the age and sophistication of the equipment.


Improve part accuracy and minimize scrap