Best Practices to Keep Your Fiber Laser Running at Peak Performance

Fiber lasers continue to be a fab shop’s productive workhorse. A high-powered fiber laser coupled with automation can feed an enormous number of downstream processes. Hank White, our national product manager for Mitsubishi Laser, recently shared with The Fabricator magazine audience things to keep in mind when working with fiber lasers to avoid machine crashes and downtime.

As White states in the article, “It’s common these days to see one high-powered fiber laser replace multiple CO2 machines. Fabricators now rely on fewer cutting machines to produce more than ever. That being said, if one of those extraordinarily productive fiber machines happens to produce bad parts that need to be recut, all those efficiency gains go out the window.”

By following a few best practices, fabricators can feel at ease that the machine is doing its job, especially in critical phases like nesting and programming. Below are some best practices White expands on in the article:

  • Narrow window of focus
  • Keep that cover glass clean
  • Material considerations
  • Programming and nesting
  • The small things really matter

To access the full article titled “Gaining an edge up in fiber laser cutting”, please click here.