Welcome to “Minds on Manufacturing,” a new monthly podcast series brought to you by MC Machinery dedicated to covering timely fabrication/machining topics affecting today’s manufacturers, with an emphasis on the automotive, aerospace, job shop, mold & die, and medical industries.

Our goal is to keep you informed about the latest technology, trends, and best practices while gaining actionable insights from leading industry experts.

So grab a seat, your earbuds, and kick back and listen as our guests share their experiences, anecdotes, tips, tricks, and more relating to industrial manufacturing.

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How JGR maintains its competitive edge

Listen in as Joe Gibbs Racing Technical Sponsorship and Marketing Director Mark Bringle gives a behind-the-scenes look at the manufacturing processes that have propelled top NASCAR drivers including Danny Hamlin, Kyle Busch and Marvin Truex, Jr. to victory.

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What makes a leader in off-road fabrication.

In this episode, Cody Waggoner shares how he started and grew Lasernut into one of Southern California’s premier laser shops for the automotive industry. Cody also talks about Lasernut Racing, the team for which he competes in off-road vehicle “rock crawling” events, and how he built a 3,200 -square-foot container house on 10 acres in the Mojave Desert named Laser Town.

Coming in February

How investments in automation have helped Staub Manufacturing grow.

For most small- and mid-sized manufacturers, being competitive while turning a profit isn’t easy. Survival requires investment. Staub Manufacturing Solutions co-founder and President Steve Staub discusses how investments in automation have helped his company expand while also giving employees opportunities to grow their job responsibilities and increase their wages.