Mitsubishi and TMA Partner to Take Industry Training to the Next Level

In a recent article featured in the TMA News Bulletin, Mitsubishi and the Technology & Manufacturing Association (TMA) share what brought on the idea of partnering up to inspire and develop industry talent with state-of-the-art training on MC Machinery System’s advanced EDM machines.

TMA represents thousands of employees in the manufacturing industry, making them a leading voice for cultivating and strengthening industry talent. As technology continues to advance and Baby Boomer-aged machinists are retiring at a rapid rate, TMA was in search of a new way to ensure well-trained machinists were available to meet the demands of the market.

“It made sense for TMA to partner up with the Mitsubishi facility near TMA’s Schaumburg headquarters,” said Patrick Osborne, TMA’S Training & Education Vice President. “They offer access to specialized training many of our members want.”

Over the years, MC Machinery Systems has set up training centers across the United States in an effort to reinvigorate the industry and boost excitement by training on advanced machinery. The Mitsubishi EDM/Laser training facility, located just minutes away from TMA’s Schaumburg headquarters, is the company’s primary and state-of-the-art center — and now it’s home to a pilot program for TMA students to learn on the newest EDM machines.

“We know there’s going to be a shortage of operators on all machine tools,” said Joe Talarczyk, President of Innovate Technologies who represents Mitsubishi EDM and MC Machinery Systems in Elk Grove Village, IL. “If we can in any way, shape or form — help someone get excited about manufacturing by training on state-of-the-art machines — we’re helping the industry, TMA and TMA members.”

As the industry continues to evolve and further advancements make their way onto shop floors, well-trained talent will become more and more sought after among companies and manufacturers of all sizes. The partnership between TMA and Mitsubishi is a huge step forward in helping keep machinists competitive as the industry’s equipment develops and demands more.

To read the full article in the TMA News Bulletin and learn more about TMA and our state-of-the-art training program, please click here.