Damen Carbide Relies on MC Machinery for Value, Quality, Responsiveness

For over 70 years, Damen Carbide Tools, a family owned and operated company, has lead their industry by producing top quality, precision cutting tools each and every day. Today, the company is crafting tools for a wide variety of industries- from aerospace to food & beverage, they offer expertise. John Bachmeier, the president of Damen Carbide, explains how some of the company’s success can be credited to MC Machinery’s machines.

“We have machines running around the clock. We can count on them (MC Machinery) if we have an issue- and not too often does it happen- to have their service team here fast. And then we are not down for a week or two, it’s only a day or two, and sometimes they service even in the same day. They (MC Machinery) are so reliable-it is just a matter of a phone call, and we get answers.”

– John Bachmeier, President of Damen Carbide Tool

The tool industry is demanding, but Damen Carbide meets and exceeds the expectations and standards of their customers. With their impressive engineering and manufacturing along with the assistance from MC Machinery sinker and wire machines, it is no wonder how success radiates through generations.

To hear directly from John Bachmeier and learn more about Damen Carbide, check out our new case study video below:

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