New automation and machines will be on display at MC Machinery Systems’ booth A2923 at this year’s FABTECH show, held November 11-14 in Chicago. The Advanced 800 eX-F Series fiber laser will be on display with upgraded ASTES4 automation. This fiber laser features key technologies to amplify overall machine sophistication and speed, including the M800 control and Mitsubishi’s all-in-one Zoom Head. The ASTES4’s integrated automated sorting solution allows for less manual loading, unloading, and sorting for higher productivity and efficiency.

“We are very excited to unveil the ASTES4 system at FABTECH,” stated Shane Herendeen, North American Sales Manager – Fabrication Division. “The new automation system will change the way companies use their machines and sort their parts and is a huge step forward for our industry as a whole.” The BH13530 press brake will also be on display with an all-new automatic tool changer.

The BH13530 includes a larger control, improved cycle times, and a friendlier user interface, as well as the Diamond BH “Dual Drive” system which controls high-speed up and down movement with a ball screw and bending movement by the servo-hydraulic piston. The new automatic tool changer provides a quicker and more precise tool setup for maximum machine uptime.

Additional press brakes, the BB6020 with VIDERE, and the all-new compact BB306 will also be on display. Both BB Series electric press brakes offer solid performance and include 100% MITSUBISHI electronics, motors, and servo drives with an AC Servo motor and ball screw mechanism for high-speed productivity and repeatability. The VIDERE operator support system showcased on the BB6020 simplifies press brake operations by clearly displaying functional process information that is easy-to-understand—setup and work handling that once required a skilled operator is now streamlined by VIDERE, improving productivity by reducing bending defects and eliminating non-value added steps in daily machine interactions. The BB306 is the newest BB Series offering that, with its smaller footprint, can be configured to fit any facility.

Also on display will be the new ADIRA press brake line. This hydraulic press brake line includes the PA Basic and PA Plus and offers customers the option to purchase a standard solution or customize with additional accessories and options. These press brakes range from entry-level up through high tonnage machines to meet the needs of a wide range of industries.

InspecVision, the high-speed integrated 2D and 3D Measurement System will be on display. InspecVision brings speed, accuracy, and reliability to your measurement quality process. The 2D system can be used to simply and quickly verify product quality by performing 2D inspection, CAD comparisons, and reverse engineering. This 3D system is the world’s first to measure surfaces and edges in 3D by using a high-speed, high-resolution industrial camera and an LED DLP projector to scan the surfaces of an object.