Building the future.

Since introducing its first metal laser cutting machine in 1977, Mitsubishi Electric has been a leader in laser systems. The latest additive manufacturing offering is a wire-laser metal 3D printer, the AZ600.

The Mitsubishi AZ600 melts welding wire with a laser beam to create high-quality 3D structures, producing high-speed, high-precision 3D printing while reducing energy consumption and waste.

Applications include rapid prototyping, mold and die, one-offs, short runs, mass manufacturing, maintenance, repair, tooling and more.

With the same proprietary wire-feeding technology used in Mitsubishi’s industry-leading wire EDMs, a simple command on the machine’s CNC control feeds the exact amount of wire to the target location. Unlike other 3D printers, the wire is in the front of the machine to make it easier to replace.

Other key features:

  • It uses commercially available welding wire as the feedstock
  • Mitsubishi’s innovative laser oscillator and processing head prevent material oxidation
  • A low-spatter process keeps the inside of the machine clean
  • Parts manufactured using other processes can be incorporated into the 3D printing process, making it effective for build-up welding

Wire-laser metal 3D printing is a more efficient and versatile process than powder-based metal 3D printing. It offers a number of advantages, including higher deposition rates, better surface finish, reduced porosity, better mechanical properties and reduced powder waste.

Additionally, wire-laser metal 3D printing is much safer to operate because it doesn’t use potentially flammable and explosive powder. And because wire-laser metal 3D printing is a closed system, the metal powder is contained within the printer, reducing the risk of operator exposure.


The wire feedstock is readily available and is lower cost than powder, paste or filament that is used in other types of metal additive manufacturing. A wide variety of metals are possible. The high-powered laser deposits material fast. Accurate deposition reduces the amount of post-processing.

The control, head, motion system, software and laser are all from Mitsubishi Electric Corporation and are designed to work together harmoniously to make learning and operation easy. AM Process Control ensures that the part profile matches the programmed part. Advanced wire handling from wire EDM systems makes changeover and loading of wire easy.

The rugged cast frame and 5-axis motion system combined with process monitoring and the reliability of a fiber laser mean that the AZ600 can run around the clock.

Machine Specs)
Max. Workpiece Dimensions in/(mm) 19.7 (500) x 23.6 (500) x 19.7 (500)
Maximum Load Capacity lb./(kg) 500 (1100)
Laser Power Watts 2,000 or 4,000
Overall Machine Unit Dimensions in/(mm) 63 (1,600) x 114.2 (2,900) x 111.5 (2,832)