PA Basic Series

Flexible and reliable bending performance with patented HEXA-C® frame – all in a cost-efficient package.

The PA Basic series brings quality at an attractive price-performance ratio providing manufacturers the highest standards for precise bending in a hydraulic press brake; you can count on the PA to do the job well.

But we know that producing quality work is only part of the equation. You have a business to run, and finding the right balance between performance and profitability is too important to overlook. That’s where the PA Basic series hydraulic press brakes do their best work.

Sporting an intuitive user interface that allows you to take full advantage of this machine’s heavy-duty bending capabilities, the PA Basic series is the affordable, high-performance press brake option you can feel good and confident about adding to your floor.

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PA Basic Series


  • When you need a solid press brake that offers reliable, repeat bending performance, this machine is hard to beat. But where the PA Basic series really shines is on the spreadsheet. Thanks to a host of on-board components designed to keep you up and running with minimal downtime, the PA Basic series is an affordable way to give your shop the kind of returns and high-profit margins your bottom line will thank you for.


  • An easy, intuitive 15” color touchscreen makes day-to-day operations quick and efficient by empowering your operators to do their best work and achieve peak performancewith minimal training or oversight.


  • Designed with a HEXA-C® frame that ensures a perfect guiding on the upper beam even when under load when compared to a standard C frame/O frame, the PA Basic series press brakes are built to perform. But solid construction isn’t the only reason to rely on this machine. It’s backed up by our department of technical experts, making it easy to get the know-how you need whenever you need it.


  • Ensures a perfect guiding on the upper beam even when under load when compared to a standard C frame/O frame thanks to its revolutionary, highly stable HEXA-C® frame design.
  • Gives you the flexibility to tackle a wide range of jobs with diverse material requirements thanks to its high open height, stroke, and throat depth.
  • Allows you to prioritize worker safety with its integrated LazerSafe safety system.
  • Easy to adjust to any new working situation thanks to its user-friendly operation and highly configurable working space.
  • Delivers fast, accurate work with ease due to its powerful multiaxis back gauge.
  • Achieves extraordinary energy savings with its motor “Start/Stop” system that switches off if the machine stays idle for a set time.
  • Comes with a host of standard components that work together to ensure quality work day after day, such as effective hydraulics with overload protection, Wila crowning, oil cooler, sheet supports, and more.


  • 15” CNC touchscreen with additional alphanumeric support keyboard.
MODEL PA Basic – 13530 PA Basic – 13540 PA Basic – 16030 PA Basic – 16040 PA Basic – 22030 PA Basic – 22040
Press Force: metric (US) 135 (149) 135 (149) 160 (176) 160 (176) 220 (242) 220 (242)
Bending Length: mm (in) 3,000 (118) 4,000 (157) 3,000 (118) 4,000 (157) 3,000 (118) 4,000 (157)
Back Gauge Axis 2/4
Open Height: mm (in) 500 (20)
Ram Stroke: mm (in) 260 (10)
Gap Depth: mm (in) 400 (16)
Distance Between Frames: mm (in) 2,550 (100.4) 3,150 (124) 2,550 (100.4) 3,150 (124) 2,550 (100.4) 3,150 (124)
Strokes/Hour (SPH) 960 960 960 960 900 900
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Visitors Encouraged to See to Believe


  • "The accuracy and repeatability are outstanding. I had one job running for five days straight—there was no difference from the first part bent on day one to the last part bent on day five. All of this plus the reduced setup time translates into higher profitability."

    Milan Popik Jr, Owner at Metal Tronics view case study
  • "“Press brake operators of all skill levels can easily set up complex jobs. This saves tremendous time and resources. Press brakes have not changed that much mechanically over the years, but technology like automation and diagnostics can really set you apart from the competition."

    Eugenio Martin, Lynam Inc. manufacturing engineering manager

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